Marlboro Originals

Our Company

Originating in Baltimore, U.S.A Marlboro Originals has been manufacturing authentic quality clothing from the finest fabrics available since 1907. Our relaxed fit garments are constructed using traditional methods for guaranteed durability, comfort, and style.

Tough, Durable and Authentic Menswear.

Our Products

Each and every Marlboro Originals garment has all the attributes of quality, design, and manufacturing that tradition demands of a first-class product. Our unique and timeless style is inspired by a long tradition of careful workmanship to ensure that Marlboro Originals clothing is made to last.

Marlboro Originals produces tough, durable, and authentic mens clothing that are constructed using the highest industry standards. Materials used in garments are imported from Italy, France, Spain, and Germany to create the quality and exclusivity expected.

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